Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am Rob Yaskovic, husband to my gorgeous wife, father to my three amazing children and I MAN UP!
Some year's back now, we were looking for someone to lock my oldest daughter's hair. Enter Tintawi and her husband Isatu. We would talk alot during the three hour appointments and a friendship was born. Isatu and I could talk for hours about music and movies and most importantly about just living our lives, feeling fortunate and realizing that it all came back to our lovely wives and our children. Being the creative men that we are, you are now reading the product of many conversations, email's and Facebook messages.
It's going to explode!
Father Faction is for the dads. It will have stuff we love and also some advice for the fathers. The men who bust their ass, appreciate their wives and make time for their kids AND are AWESOME! You need to take care of yourself but not to a point that effects those you love and value. It's your wife that will always support you, don't forget that. I am totally ripping off "Chali 2na" from Jurassic 5 but... the most you can spend on your kids, is time.
I will leave this inaugural blog post with a photo because I am a photographer. It's more than my career, it is my life and the way I see my world and my kids (see below) are most often my subjects. Peace.

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