Monday, February 28, 2011

Father Faction: Music Mondays

"You know the family is the solution to the world's problems today
Now let's take a look at the family
In the family the father is like the head, the leader, the director
Not domineering, but showing love, guidance
For everyone else in the family
Now if we could get all the fathers of the world
To stand up and be fathers
That would be great..."

"...that is if we all come together no matter what color, race, creed
Because that's all in the head whether you wanna believe it or not
'Cause you'll bleed
Family, family reunion
It'll be nice, so nice, so nice"

Friday, February 25, 2011

Funny Guy Fact Fridays

A little light humor to start the weekend. Have a good one and I know someone can relate to this.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Robert Yaskovic, 20 Questions

Father Faction Co-Founder, Robert Yaskovic,
stalking winter trout on Big Flat Brook, self portrait with iPhone.

1. Who do you love? My smart, beautiful, talented, sexy wife Kate.

2. Kids? 3 Ages? Gwendolyn 8, Meredith 7, Jake 5.

3. Profession? Photographer

4. Favorite memory of being a dad? Sitting next to my wife during all three adoption hearings for my children. Yes, they are all adopted through DYFS!

5. Most important thing to teach your children?  That they are in charge of their happiness and their lives. Nothing in their past can prohibit them from their future. Everyone is capable of everything.

6. Favorite saying?  Because I said so.

7. Hobbies? My profession, photography, is also my hobby. As is fly fishing, i wish i was better at it though!

8. Last song you listened to? "Some red-handed slight of hand" Cursive

9. Favorite place in the world? Big Flat Brook

10. Where do you live? Branchville  NJ

11. Favorite drink? Coffee then Long Trail Ale closely in second.

12. What did you eat for breakfast? Scrambled eggs with potatoes, onions, cheddar cheese and hot sauce of course.

13. Dream car? 1964 Chevy Impala. but in Metallic Green!

14. Person you most admire? My wife Why? This is a woman who adopted a child on her own while attending law school! We got married then adopted two more children, all through DYFS, including getting Jake while she was taking the bar exam, which she passed. the whole time she also put up with me so that is pretty amazing in its own right.

15. Fantasy family vacation? First class flying for four months of world travel including Portugal, Italy, Greece, Ethiopia, India, Bhutan, Japan, Alaska, Mexico and Brazil. 

16. Favorite word one of your kids mis-pronounces? Jake used to call woodpeckers, "ha-neckers."

17. Weirdest thing you have found in your refrigerator? XBOX controller

18. Moment you knew, you were a "dad"? Catching vomit in your hands and not getting sick myself. Instead worrying about my daughter.

19. Favorite cartoon your kids watch that you can enjoy as well? Spongebob Squarepants

20. Kids and wife are out for the day, what do you do? Fish Big Flat Brook or Paulins Kill River for a while, stop by Andre's Restaurant for an early dinner, clean the house, then watch a movie on Netflix on demand with a couple of Long Trail Ale's and wait for them to come home.

Tips For Fathers to be Tuesdays

Ok Are you ready for this Gents....YOU"RE GONNA BE A FATHER! If you have already conceived then... YOU ARE ALREADY A FATHER. Here are some helpful tips to get you ready for your journey down father hood lane.

  1. Get a tape, CD or mp3 of a screaming baby. Set an alarm to it and have it go off and play it periodically throughout the night and during the day when you are home. This will help you to desensitize to the newness of earpiercing unfamiliar noises.

  2. When this sound goes off have a mantra that you say to "I am the calmest coolest father ever and everyone sees it and knows it." This mantra programs you to go into father mode instantly to meet the needs of your baby. Even before the baby is born get in the habit of doing something baby related when you hear the cry.


  4. Know that your wife is walking around with two heads, two brains, and two sets of everything when she is pregnant. This fact will set up or next blog posts concerning Pregnant Wives


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Isatu KaIgziabiher, 20 Questions

Father Faction Founder, Isatu Kalgziabiher.

1. Who do you love? Myself first because then it can trickle down to everyone else. You can't love anyone unless you love offense Honey :)

2. Kids? Sure do Ages? 7, 4 and 1 ....all boys

3. Profession? Limo driver, hairstylist, crochet artist of exclusive caps, gotta stay flexible in this economy!

4. Favorite memory of being a dad? I don't have one. I have a bunch. I caught two of my boys at home, myself, so not too many things stick out more than that. I would have to say though my favorite memory including all of my children happens every time I come in from work. They all come over to me and greet me with hugs and the crafts they did for the day.

5. Most important thing to teach your children? The most important thing I could teach them is that they are responsible for everything that happens to them in their life and that they can change anything with focus and SMART work.

6. Favorite saying? It would have to be MAN UP!!!!

7. Hobbies? I live my life like one big hobby.

8. Last song you listened to? A joint by Fela Kuti...the father of African Jazz Rhythms.

9. Favorite place in the world? Ethiopia

10. Where do you live? Englewood NJ

11. Favorite drink? Frozen banana, peanut butter, chocolate almond milk, turbinado sugar soy protein powder smoothie.

12. What did you eat for breakfast? I had the answer to question number 11 or a 7 grain porridge.

13. Dream car? Army certified Hum V

14. Person you most admire? My grandfather Why? I admired him because my father tells me that he only remembers my grandfather getting upset with him one time and that was when he was about 20. I want to emulate that but I definitely fall short most times. To raise children in the south like he did and maintain a legendary calmness and innate wit is amazing. My grandfather worked hard and actually had a few inventions to his credit that were used to streamline various aspects of farm life in the town.

15. Fantasy family vacation? Leave Teterboro airport, fly in a G6 to anywhere with warm weather, fruit trees, natural rivers, hot springs and mountains. Live like it was the garden of Eden but with clothes on.

16. Favorite word one of your kids mis-pronounces? My four year old used to try to say soy sausage and most of the time it would sound like he was saying Roy Rogers then it evolved into something that sounded like Bob Marley.

17. Weirdest thing you have found in your refrigerator? a non-descript molded vegetable under the crisper drawer; a straight science project.

18. Moment you knew, you were a "dad"? That took a little while I think. When my third son was born I think it really kicked in. I looked at my sons and said wow I have three sons. It really hit me that I had three little responsibilities that shared my DNA.

19. Favorite cartoon your kids watch that you can enjoy as well? Avatar

20. Kids and wife are out for the day, what do you do? Dang when does that ever happen?! No has happened once or twice. I layed with my back flat on the bed, arms at my sides and stayed perfectly still in an attempt to astral project consciously. I actually ended up going to sleep. When I woke up they still weren't home so I got up and made dinner for when they did come home. I am big on O.B.E's and intend to have a conscious one soon. WEIRDO ALERT!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This just In Tuesdays

OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Knicks could be a legitimate contender?!!!!!! As Sam Cooke would say..."It's been a looooonnnnggg, a long time coming but I knoooow change gonna come, oh yes it will! You can check out more commentary on

Monday, February 21, 2011

Make it Count Mondays

Part of guiding our children is having those few brief moments when you drop a jewel of information and life lessons on their brain stem. It is important that we as fathers study ourselves and as much life experiences as possible to see whether we are dishing out the right information. The worst thing you could say to a child is "I did the best with what I had to give." It's an excuse to excuse our lack of progression as fathers. This won't wash with a child who has been crying out (through actions in school etc.) for more. They are requiring more than the best of what we think we can give them. We must recognize these little cries and if we aren't able to accomodate based on our current level of understanding....then we must find someone or something that can accomodate.

This is one strong jewel that will definitely stick with any child for life. Make your words counts and make your actions count even more. MAN UP!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sgt. First Class Brian Eisch

I use military refrences when refering to this blog alot. I do it with the utmost respect to the men and women in our armed forces. I am sharing this link today and I hope you take the 11 minutes out of your busy day to watch it. Sgt. Eisch is a single father with two boys and was deployed to Afghanistan. When you watch this be prepared to be moved, cry, and realize how amazing your life is.

Marcus Yam/The New York Times created the photographs, and video I assume, based on photo credits. It is truly inspiring work.

It's called, "The Home Front" and it is amazing journalism.

Father Faction recognizes this man and thanks him.
With respect,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Music Monday!

Been away from the computer for a while! Back to it. I hear that this band won some award last night, I don't watch TV so this is all hearsay. However, two facts are that I love this band and they are mega talented! Watch listen search and support, Arcade Fire!

Oh yeah, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to my ultra mega super cool, sexy, smart, wife. I love you Kate!

Money Saving Mondays

If you're like me you have three boys that grow like bamboo trees, and eat entire homes and villages when they get started. But, even if you are not like me and just have one or two children saving money is still on top of the list. Some common areas that seem to suck up the monthly finances can be remedied by simply paying conscious attention to where that hard earned cash is going. Some Father Faction suggestions:

  • Go throughout your month as you normally would and keep the receipt for eveything, including that Snapple you bought at the deli.

  • Evaluate those receipts at the end of the month and separate them by category (ie. bills, food, misc. etc.)

  • See which areas can be shaved down or eliminated and do so the following month (use manufacturers coupons found on their website and also store circulars for grocery bills)

  • For the following month keep envelopes with the category written on it.

  • Put the extra cash from those categories where you decreased the spending into the savings account.

  • Put a goal on the extra cash you are saving in order to make the act of saving more appealing. (ie. when you save up $3000, take $1500 and buy some gold)

You may come to find that eating out or movies and other areas that are not a necessity are the culprits. Everyone knows that as soon as you break that 20$ its gone which is why the ATM gives you $20s and not $100s; thats also why when you cash a check you ask for the majority of it in $100s. That being said break a $20 save a $5.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Think About This Thursdays

Quite interesting. This would require some serious Maning Up! But I salute the concept because it would save money on diapers and create a bond that is not so common in today's society. What dou you think?

No Whining Wednesday!

This goes for the kids but more importantly for you. MAN UP!!!! Doing homework with your kids is frustrating, mostly because everything they teach in second and third grade you have forgotten! I am just astounded at the WORKLOAD that my second grader brings home and my wife and I spend time with our kids doing homework everynight. Even my little guy in kindergarten is reading stories to me and doing basic addition. It can be overwhleming. Here are some sites to help keep it exciting for your kids and for you to STOP WHINING!
Spelling City

Both of these sites are super helpful and easy to use. They make your child feel motivated and engaged.
So have an extra cup of coffee before they get home or before you do and focus on their education. Remember, you are your child's greatest teacher and their number one advocate! MAN UP!!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now I know sometimes we fathers have to wear the hat of carpenter and whether you are an instruction reader or not this little handy gadget will definitely help you make sense of any furniture assembly task. How many times have you had that little bolt or nut in your mouth...holding it ever so a mama alligator trasporting her babies....only to drop it on the shag carpet or have it roll under the fridge????? No More my good comrades...NO MORE!!! This magnetic wrist band will ensure that all the nuts and bolts are present and accounted for. Man Up and happy assembling.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Music Monday

I love music, ALL music. But it's more than love its more like an obsession. I am always listening to music in the car and at home. Hip Hop, Punk, Classic Rock, Indie, Pop, you nam eit, and yes, EVEN country. Some Country. Currently I cannot stop listening to Charles Bradley. He. Is. The. Man! Listen for yourself and Father Faction is going to try and always have Music Monday's!
General Rob