Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eric Hornung, 20 Questions

Eric Hornung, Father Faction Comrade in Arms.

1. Who do you love? My family.

2. Kids? 2 Ages? Mihla 6, Tasha 4.

3. Profession? Tattoo Artist

4. Favorite memory of being a dad? When my kids are genuinely interested in the same things (painting, fishing) that I am into. But not because I pushed it on them.

5. Most important thing to teach your children?  Make good decisions and be responsible for them.

6. Favorite saying?  "I'd rather fail in originality than succeed in conformity" Herman Melville

7. Hobbies?  Fishing, talking about fishing, thinking about fishing, and creating fishing tattoos. Other than that I'd have to say, fishing.

8. Last song you listened to? "How I could just kill a man" Cypress Hill

9. Favorite place in the world? A riverside campsite at my grandfathers house.

10. Where do you live? Stillwater  NJ

11. Favorite drink? Iced Tea and Lemonade.

12. What did you eat for breakfast? Jalapeno Bagel

14. Person you most admire? People who keep their mouths shut. Why? I just admire people with restraint, who get their point across without saying too much.

15. Fantasy family vacation? Alaska 

16. Favorite word one of your kids mis-pronounces? Tasha call lips, "yips."

17. Weirdest thing you have found in your refrigerator? My wife's pickled eggs.

18. Moment you knew, you were a "dad"? Doing a tattoo to get the money to buy formula on the way home from work.

19. Favorite cartoon your kids watch that you can enjoy as well? Tom and Jerry

20. Kids and wife are out for the day, what do you do? Obviously, I am fishing.

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