Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Postpartum Depression In Men

Seriously?! Men can have this kind of thing happen to them?! Well obviously the answer is yes and NO we are not tough as nails and those that are, are probably suppressing their emotions which is very dangerous. With proper planning a father can be educated on what to expect so that it isn't a shock when his baby is born. But most conceptions aren't planned so therefore what can a father do now? Here are my thoughts:

1) Find an outlet... I don't mean hanging with your boys because that doesn't reinforce a solid family structure especially if your boys are single! The outlet will give you something to look forward to that can make the endless days and nights of raising a young child seem more enjoyable. You can even count down..."three more days until...."
2) If you do choose to watch TV don't watch shows which glorify scandalous subjects like extramarital affairs, swinging singles lifestyles etc.
3) Make sure the house smells nice when you come in. This is a subtle thing but aromatherapy is miraculous for changing one's mood.
4) Pain the walls of your home different bright colors. This visual stimulation works very similar to aromatherapy but through one's sense of sight. Bright flowers right by the main entrance works both one's sense of smell and sight.
5) Give hugs regardless of whether or not you feel like it. We have all heard the advice.... "if you smile constantly eventually you will become happy. The same is true for hugs...eventually you will become loving and compassionate.
6) Stare at your baby while the baby is asleep. This is the picture you want of your baby.... quiet. There is a peace that always comes over me when I watch my boys sleep because you can really see how innocent and worthy of your best they really are. Keep this mental picture and revisit it when you feel yourself slipping into the darkness.
7) Set a personal goal and work towards it. Make sure the goal is not one which will distract from the family but will somehow enhance the family.

Have more do share!

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