Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tiger Mom Tuesdays

Last week a book was brought to my attention about some very radical parenting, at least by American standards. The name of the book is Tiger Mom and it is a synopsis of the parenting style of one Chinese descended woman now living in America. Without giving too much of the book away because I think it is a good read, the tactics of this one woman have brought about a whirlwind of controversy. Some of her methods include, no sleep overs, no socializing outside of an academic setting, viewing an A minus on a test as unacceptable, either violin or piano lessons to a high level of proficiency. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Strict can be an understatement by many regards but consider this fact..... China pumps out 400,000 engineers to Americas 60,000 annually. Check the economies of these two countries and you can see this fact is becoming a strong indicator of fiscal and productive prowess. What appears to be happening is that American culture seems to be good for entertainment purposes and very little else. Our TV shows and singers can found on every television world wide but not our products, goods or services.

It could be possible that the tactics used by this woman in Tiger Mom are against the norm of American parenting, I think a change in how we raise our children should arise in response to the decline of American values and productivity. How to change and what to change is up to the individual but necessary if we as a society are to stay afloat. Check the book and blog on! If you have already begun a parenting revolution within your own household, feel free to share right here on Father Faction...Man Up!

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