Thursday, February 24, 2011

Robert Yaskovic, 20 Questions

Father Faction Co-Founder, Robert Yaskovic,
stalking winter trout on Big Flat Brook, self portrait with iPhone.

1. Who do you love? My smart, beautiful, talented, sexy wife Kate.

2. Kids? 3 Ages? Gwendolyn 8, Meredith 7, Jake 5.

3. Profession? Photographer

4. Favorite memory of being a dad? Sitting next to my wife during all three adoption hearings for my children. Yes, they are all adopted through DYFS!

5. Most important thing to teach your children?  That they are in charge of their happiness and their lives. Nothing in their past can prohibit them from their future. Everyone is capable of everything.

6. Favorite saying?  Because I said so.

7. Hobbies? My profession, photography, is also my hobby. As is fly fishing, i wish i was better at it though!

8. Last song you listened to? "Some red-handed slight of hand" Cursive

9. Favorite place in the world? Big Flat Brook

10. Where do you live? Branchville  NJ

11. Favorite drink? Coffee then Long Trail Ale closely in second.

12. What did you eat for breakfast? Scrambled eggs with potatoes, onions, cheddar cheese and hot sauce of course.

13. Dream car? 1964 Chevy Impala. but in Metallic Green!

14. Person you most admire? My wife Why? This is a woman who adopted a child on her own while attending law school! We got married then adopted two more children, all through DYFS, including getting Jake while she was taking the bar exam, which she passed. the whole time she also put up with me so that is pretty amazing in its own right.

15. Fantasy family vacation? First class flying for four months of world travel including Portugal, Italy, Greece, Ethiopia, India, Bhutan, Japan, Alaska, Mexico and Brazil. 

16. Favorite word one of your kids mis-pronounces? Jake used to call woodpeckers, "ha-neckers."

17. Weirdest thing you have found in your refrigerator? XBOX controller

18. Moment you knew, you were a "dad"? Catching vomit in your hands and not getting sick myself. Instead worrying about my daughter.

19. Favorite cartoon your kids watch that you can enjoy as well? Spongebob Squarepants

20. Kids and wife are out for the day, what do you do? Fish Big Flat Brook or Paulins Kill River for a while, stop by Andre's Restaurant for an early dinner, clean the house, then watch a movie on Netflix on demand with a couple of Long Trail Ale's and wait for them to come home.

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