Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Isatu KaIgziabiher, 20 Questions

Father Faction Founder, Isatu Kalgziabiher.

1. Who do you love? Myself first because then it can trickle down to everyone else. You can't love anyone unless you love offense Honey :)

2. Kids? Sure do Ages? 7, 4 and 1 ....all boys

3. Profession? Limo driver, hairstylist, crochet artist of exclusive caps, gotta stay flexible in this economy!

4. Favorite memory of being a dad? I don't have one. I have a bunch. I caught two of my boys at home, myself, so not too many things stick out more than that. I would have to say though my favorite memory including all of my children happens every time I come in from work. They all come over to me and greet me with hugs and the crafts they did for the day.

5. Most important thing to teach your children? The most important thing I could teach them is that they are responsible for everything that happens to them in their life and that they can change anything with focus and SMART work.

6. Favorite saying? It would have to be MAN UP!!!!

7. Hobbies? I live my life like one big hobby.

8. Last song you listened to? A joint by Fela Kuti...the father of African Jazz Rhythms.

9. Favorite place in the world? Ethiopia

10. Where do you live? Englewood NJ

11. Favorite drink? Frozen banana, peanut butter, chocolate almond milk, turbinado sugar soy protein powder smoothie.

12. What did you eat for breakfast? I had the answer to question number 11 or a 7 grain porridge.

13. Dream car? Army certified Hum V

14. Person you most admire? My grandfather Why? I admired him because my father tells me that he only remembers my grandfather getting upset with him one time and that was when he was about 20. I want to emulate that but I definitely fall short most times. To raise children in the south like he did and maintain a legendary calmness and innate wit is amazing. My grandfather worked hard and actually had a few inventions to his credit that were used to streamline various aspects of farm life in the town.

15. Fantasy family vacation? Leave Teterboro airport, fly in a G6 to anywhere with warm weather, fruit trees, natural rivers, hot springs and mountains. Live like it was the garden of Eden but with clothes on.

16. Favorite word one of your kids mis-pronounces? My four year old used to try to say soy sausage and most of the time it would sound like he was saying Roy Rogers then it evolved into something that sounded like Bob Marley.

17. Weirdest thing you have found in your refrigerator? a non-descript molded vegetable under the crisper drawer; a straight science project.

18. Moment you knew, you were a "dad"? That took a little while I think. When my third son was born I think it really kicked in. I looked at my sons and said wow I have three sons. It really hit me that I had three little responsibilities that shared my DNA.

19. Favorite cartoon your kids watch that you can enjoy as well? Avatar

20. Kids and wife are out for the day, what do you do? Dang when does that ever happen?! No has happened once or twice. I layed with my back flat on the bed, arms at my sides and stayed perfectly still in an attempt to astral project consciously. I actually ended up going to sleep. When I woke up they still weren't home so I got up and made dinner for when they did come home. I am big on O.B.E's and intend to have a conscious one soon. WEIRDO ALERT!!!!

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