Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Whining Wednesday!

This goes for the kids but more importantly for you. MAN UP!!!! Doing homework with your kids is frustrating, mostly because everything they teach in second and third grade you have forgotten! I am just astounded at the WORKLOAD that my second grader brings home and my wife and I spend time with our kids doing homework everynight. Even my little guy in kindergarten is reading stories to me and doing basic addition. It can be overwhleming. Here are some sites to help keep it exciting for your kids and for you to STOP WHINING!
Spelling City

Both of these sites are super helpful and easy to use. They make your child feel motivated and engaged.
So have an extra cup of coffee before they get home or before you do and focus on their education. Remember, you are your child's greatest teacher and their number one advocate! MAN UP!!!!!

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