Monday, February 21, 2011

Make it Count Mondays

Part of guiding our children is having those few brief moments when you drop a jewel of information and life lessons on their brain stem. It is important that we as fathers study ourselves and as much life experiences as possible to see whether we are dishing out the right information. The worst thing you could say to a child is "I did the best with what I had to give." It's an excuse to excuse our lack of progression as fathers. This won't wash with a child who has been crying out (through actions in school etc.) for more. They are requiring more than the best of what we think we can give them. We must recognize these little cries and if we aren't able to accomodate based on our current level of understanding....then we must find someone or something that can accomodate.

This is one strong jewel that will definitely stick with any child for life. Make your words counts and make your actions count even more. MAN UP!

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